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Mogens Iversen
BEC Bankernes EDB Central - Denmark

"We have almost doubled the staff from 300 to over 500 employees and 
revenues from 35 million to 75 million USD."  

Bawdin Wijarn
Regional Operation-East, AIS - Thailand

"Our team was given an opportunity to undergo a training program on Effective Personal Productivity.  Our executives and management including engineers, sales and marketing, personnel and administration attended the course.  We achieved the following:

Became leader in market with 62% of market share.
Our subscribers doubled as it went from 390,000 to 780,000.
Recognized as being the best network provider in terms of quality and technology.
Drop call rate went down from 1.0% to 0.8% and call congestion rate went down from 1.0% to 0.5%
Overcall customer satisfaction index went up to 9.33 out of 10."   

 The Total Leader
"Building Leaders for the 21st Century!"

The Total Leader Concept is a new paradigm for 21st century leaders.  As global competition heats up, change accelerates to breakneck speed and customer demands escalate, the need for effective leaders is reaching epidemic levels.   


Help every client achieve measurable results toward their goals.

Be the most effective resource worldwide for leadership and organizational development.

Dynamic global competition is creating a revolution in the way successful companies do business.  Empowering rather than overpowering is the way peak performing companies win the hearts and minds of their people and maximize their potential.  When members at all levels of an organization learn to trust one another and work together as a team, they can produce the quality of goods and services needed to be competitive.

Because change is inevitable, organizations clinging to old ways of leadership and management will not continue to prosper for long.  Unfortunately, people and organizations change slowly, usually with great resistance and often with considerable pain.  Since 1966 LMI has helped thousands of leaders and organizations worldwide make the changes required to be competitive in a challenging global economy.  Just as LMI has helped countless others, it can help you think about yourself and your organization and change your future.

"Developing Leaders and Organizations to Their Full Potential!"



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