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- Committed to your success -

As a LMI Licensee, you are the beneficiary of our combined world-wide experience and training systems, developed and refined since 1966.  Our training and support is designed to help you succeed in your own business.  Our Licensees are our main focus.  We believe achievement is a continual learning process, and we are committed to working with you to insure your success in the following ways:

Fast-Start Training
A fast-paced, information-packed, goal-intensive training designed to help you successfully launch your business.

Personal Contact
Licensees are assigned a mentor who provides direction, support and guidance. These professionals are available to answer questions and assist in all aspects of running your business.

Videos, audios, manuals
Training tools available to assist you in the following areas:
  • How to Run Your Own Business
  • How to Build a Client Base
  • How to Market to Companies
  • How to Build a Sales Organization
  • How to Train Sales Associates and Sales Managers
  • How to Service Clients
  • How to Keep Financial Records
Business Development Conferences
Regularly throughout the year Business Development Conferences are held during which Master Licensees conduct a one to three-day course in development and business expansion techniques.  These seminars are provided to teach our representatives the LMI System of Marketing and Facilitation.

Regional Conferences
Each year a Special Regional Conference is held to emphasize strategic marketing and management methods such as recruiting and building your organization, company selling, advanced facilitation, etc.  Regional conferences are held in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

World Conference & Awards Ceremony
Bi-annually, LMI brings together the entire organization and their families from around the world.  Four days jam-packed with exciting and informative business sessions designed to enhance your success.  A stellar event climaxed with the introduction of the LMI World Client of the Year and recognition and honor of our top performers.  The World Convention is also a great time to develop and build relationships with LMI representatives from around the world.

Executive Seminars
Executive Seminars offer representatives an opportunity to bring prospective clients to an intensive seminar on corporate leadership and motivation.  The seminars are held by special request.

Research & Development
The business world is in a constant state of flux.  Expanding markets and new leadership and management techniques keep our research department constantly aware of needs for developing new programs that identify and address new problem areas head-on!  All LMI programs are renewed and updated regularly to ensure their timeliness and effectiveness in today's market place.

Incentive & Awards Program
Individual and group challenge is an integral part of LMI's overall marketing approach.  Our dynamic awards and recognition program is designed to provide our representatives with constant inspiration to set and achieve ever-expanding goals.  An exciting program in its scope and value to the personal success of our team members.

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