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Internationally we market through individuals we call Master Licensees who are responsible for a specific geographical Area.  A Master Licensee's major responsibilities include:

  • A Master Licensee must make a  full-time commitment to be in our business and not treat it as a part-time commitment.  

  • A Master Licensee must commit to follow our business system.

  • A Master Licensee must be a citizen and permanent resident in the country they are representing.

  • A Master Licensee has the responsibility of setting up licensee organizations and working with those Licensees to market and facilitate our materials and services.

  • A Master Licensee is responsible to conduct training meeting to train the Licensees and provide them with any marketing assistance necessary.

  • A Master Licensee must maintain an adequate inventory of materials in their country to take care of the needs of their licensee organizations.

  • A Master Licensee must have sufficient cash reserves to start their own LMI business and to provide the financial resources to continue to develop the business.  Estimated start up costs can vary based on market conditions, exchange rates, and personal situations.  LMI will require a personal and confidential Financial Statement before a person is considered for an appointment as a Master Licensee.  

Limited Master Licensee opportunities available.  Licensee opportunities available in most areas.  Contact Us for more information or e-mail the International Franchising Department

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