Jane Wilson, Chief Executive 
Start-rite Shoes Ltd. 
United Kingdom

Headquarted in Norwich, England, and reputedly the UK's oldest children's shoe company, Start-rite's heritage spans more than 200 years.  

     Having commenced an LMI program approximately six weeks after taking over her new role as Chief Executive, Jan Wilson's vision was to have her direct-reports empowered to manage the business, leaving herself and three Directors to lead.   This goal was achieved and within 12 months, Jane achieved her financial goals for turning around an operating deficit of 3.23 million to a 1.9 million gain with a total turnabout of 5.13 million.  Sales which were falling now show an increase of 5% in just the first year. 

     Start-rite shoes has achieved and exceeded all of its personnel and financial goals.  In addition, goal setting has become the norm at all levels of the business.  Currently, they have a three-year strategy with all levels working on their own goals to this mission.